Moving Tips


Moving involves many different aspects, and it's easy to forget something! Here are some easy-to-do tips that might make things just a little easier for you!

-Make a list. It is much easier to have a checklist of everything that you need done.

-Get plenty of supplies. If you are packing everything yourself, you will want to make sure you have plenty of everything that you need, from boxes, tape, box cutters, blankets for wrapping, markers and any other supplies that you need.

-Purge. Moving is the perfect time to consolidate your belongings and get rid of unneeded items. Donate them to a needy organization.

-Label the boxes. Don't just add the contents of your boxes, but also add which room they go to.

-If you stack plates vertically like records, they are less likely to break.

-Take a picture of your electronics wiring, this will help you to re-assemble everything and makes it easier to remember where all the wires went.

-Keep small sandwich bags handy for small parts and screws.

-Vacuum seal your out of season clothing. You will be able to put them straight into storage in your new place and it saves space.

-Change your address two or more weeks before you move.

-Defrost your fridge at least a day before the move.

-Print QR codes for all your boxes with contents embedded, this can help if you are tech-savvy.